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Freshworks CRM



With Freshworks CRM, powered by Freddy AI, discover the best leads, boost customer engagement, drive deals to closure, and nurture existing customers with a smart, comprehensive solution.


Have conversations with context and generate more opportunities.


Personalize your communication and increase customer engagement.


Use AI to cut through the clutter and drive deals to closure, faster.



Have conversations with context. Generate more opportunities.

Attract visitors, convert them into leads, and turn your website into a lead generation machine.

Top features:

Understand visitor intent. Track page visits and even actions on your site.

Chat in real-time with website visitors using AI-powered chatbots

Build custom web forms and automatically capture visitor information

Tailor email campaigns and generate cost-effective leads for sales

Personalize your communication. Increase customer engagement.

Surface the best leads, communicate across channels of their choice, and personalize messages based on behavior and intent to catch their attention.

Top features:

Get a 360° view of a customer. Capture all customer interactions in one place.

Freddy AI identifies your best leads – the ones that are most likely to convert

Set up welcome emails or personalized journeys based on actions

Communicate across Phone, Email, Whatsapp, Chat

Use AI to cut through the clutter. Drive deals to closure, faster.

Pipeline Management 2.0 is here. Freddy AI analyzes the pipeline and helps you focus on deals that will drive revenue. Get insights across the funnel with multi-touch attribution.

Top features:

See your deals move, stagewise. Review and act on deals you need to close.

Freddy AI analyzes every deal and helps you with insights and next best actions

Create an accurate AI-powered forecast and help the sales team take action

Collaborate on Slack across departments to close deals faster

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