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We are seeking to appoint Distributors who will market and sell our new training programmes.
EQUILIBRIUM is seeking companies or quality committed individuals, who want to be a part of this exciting new global business opportunity. However we do seek….
1. Existing businesses that wants to grow by adding additional services to their existing portfolio.
2. Entrepreneurs who want to offer their clients that ‘Fundamental Programmes of Organizational Cultures for the Digital Transformation in the Industry 4.0’ and thus be the BEST

If you do what do we tell you, when do we tell you and whenever do we tell you, we guarantee your success.

If you do what do you want, when do you want and whenever do you want, we do not guarantee anything and we do not want to work together. 

Schedule yourself for the success with us. An encounter that will radically change your life.

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Some details about our target market
Digital transformation involves rethinking how technology can be used to improve business models, value proposition, customer experience, operational efficiency, and more. This means innovating to deliver enhanced products, services, and customer engagement, but it also means having a board of directors that is digitally conversant.
Findings from recent MIT research show that board members who understand the impact of emerging technologies on business success are helping companies outperform competitors. Digitally savvy boards help their companies move forward at a sufficient pace, advocating for change by supporting and sometimes nudging their CEOs.

At a constant activity by selling licences programmes every month, the minimum cumulative income in a year exceeds EUR 100,000.

The answer will be published soon.

Of course, if they have a legal form of trade and the right to sell such products in the object of activity.

Because the contract with the beneficiary is signed for one year at the moment, only the annual package can be sold.
On the other hand, the programs are interconnected with each other in a certain training logic to achieve the ultimate goal.

EQUILIBRIUM has no entry fee. We have two stages of entering in the partnership system. The first stage involves taking a 2-hour remote trainingin in ZOOM with us in which the indicators of collaboration and the program are presented. The second stage involves signing the contract between us when the first program is sold to the customer.

All the resources you need to be a digital partner and succeed in the marketplace.